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Let's Make a Necklace

Skill Development

Fine motor skills, art


The students will be able to construct a necklace from construction paper and string. Classroom helpers will be needed to complete this lesson with students from pre-school to kindergarten.

Materials(per student)

  1. a standard sized pencil
  2. 8 small pieces of tape
  3. color writing and decorating utensils
  4. one 32-inch long string (or large enough to slip over a child's head
  5. 8 strips of paper, 1x6 inches long


Talk to the students about how, in the 1700's, people made their own clothing, toys, and jewelry (among other things). Explain that today they will be constructing a necklace from the everyday materials they see in the classroom.


  1. Pass the strips, tape, pencils and string out to each student.
  2. Decorate the strips of paper.
  3. Model for the students by rolling each strip around the pencil. Tape the end down, and slip the roll off the pointed end of the pencil. String the rolled paper onto the piece of string (if necessary, tape the end of the string to create a needle-like end).
  4. Instruct the students to follow your example, as you walk around the room checking for comprehension.
  5. Students can then proceed with the process until all their strips of paper are on the necklace.


Praise them for making their own necklaces. Advise them to take the necklaces home and show and teach their parents or guardians how to make a necklace with paper beads.

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