Carpenters' Hall


Flemish Bond, Glazed Headers, Stretchers, Water Table

1. Flemish bond (blue)
A brickwork bond which uses two kinds of bricks: headers and stretchers laid alternately. Each header is centered with the stretchers above and below it.

2. glazed headers (red)
Bricks laid so that the short ends show, thus giving extra support when coupled with stretchers. Glazed refers to the thin, glassy, ceramic coating on the bricks.

3. stretchers (yellow)
Bricks laid so that the long ends show.

4. water table (green)
Acts as a transition between the thinner building walls and the thicker foundation walls. It is a typical feature of 18th century Georgian architecture that is both ornamental and functional in that it keeps water away from the floor joists.

The exterior of Carpenters' Hall contains a lot of brickwork, mostly laid in Flemish Bond.

Carpenters' Hall, 320 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Open free to the public daily, except Mondays (and Tuesdays in Jan. and Feb.), from 10am-4pm

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